Tom Brady and the value of being honest with our emotions

I don’t have direct evidence of whether Tom Brady is telling the truth about not deflating his footballs, but his situation does make me think of a research study I read about on honesty.

A study was done on people who work in department stores selling clothing and shoes. It was found that these workers were more prone to depression because their jobs called for them to put on a smile and be fake with customers. Their jobs had them cover up their true emotions and put on a public face. They did not feel they could be honest about their thoughts and emotions, and they paid a price for it in the form of feelings of sadness and depression.

In terms of the ultimate currency — happiness — it is best to be truthful and honest about how we feel. This can be really challenging, especially when I’m talking with a friend who is looking for sympathy when I actually agree with his boss! We are all human and it’s really hard to be directly honest with all people all the time. Yet we pay a price when we don’t.

Our emotions are like a receipt we get for a particular experience. There is real meaning and value in how we feel. Often it’s mother nature’s way of letting us know that we need to make some kind of change in our actions and behavior or environment.

I know myself and it’s very easy for me to devalue how I feel and instead give more weight and value to what others think and feel, and so I have to put extra effort here. I know that when I ignore how I feel and try and press forward that I’m not authentic. I’m less aligned with what’s important to me and less effective and happy. In other words I’m much better off experiencing some negative emotions right now than ignoring them and having a much worse emotional experience later.

As for Tom Brady, I hope he’s doing what gives him more of the ultimate currency!

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